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Gardening & Back Pain – The Posture Doc on TV

Here is a demonstration of some techiniques to keep your spine safe and healthy while you garden. I appear here on Rogers Daytime York Region with my favorite Hosts – Jacqueline and Jeff.

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Gardening without the pain

Every year we look forward to spring and summer and to getting out in our gardens to get our hands dirty. Besides providing a creative outlet and adding to the curb appeal of our properties, gardening is actually an excellent source of exercise. After all, gardening is hard work. With various projects consuming hours […]

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Gardening and Your Posture- What’s the connection?

Posture and Gardening
There is an important connection between proper posture and gardening. It will help to prevent gardening injuries and is also the key to obtaining good leverage when lifting soil, planting flowers, raking leaves or weeding. The more you reach, the more you strain. It is a simple rule, but one that may […]

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Posture & Golf – Improve Your Posture, Improve Your Game!

The following is an article that I wrote that appeared in Canadian Business Magazine a couple of years ago.
The Science of Perfecting Your Golf Swing
Dr. Guy Bahar, D.C.
Golfing season is here and players are always looking for that extra edge to improve their game. A commonly overlooked issue when practicing or preparing for the sport is […]

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