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Academy Awards & Posture

Anyone that knows me well knows that I am a total movie buff. I love watching movies and love the Academy awards and I can recite best actor, best actress and best movie for any given year the way other guys recite baseball statistics. (When you come into the office, quiz me!)
After this year's […]

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Posture and appearance

Looking for the ultimate makeover???
You don’t need surgery or injections for this one. You don’t need tens of thousands of dollars either. You don’t have to hit the gym or purchase a whole new wardrobe. If you want to have the greatest impact on your appearance, you will get the best bang for your […]

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Daylight Savings Time and your health

It’s that time again folks! This weekend we will spring our clocks forward by one hour as we shift to Daylight Savings Time for another spring/summer season. It is an exciting time heralding the arrival of warmer weather, enjoyable outdoor activities and many more hours of daylight than we enjoy during the dark winter […]

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