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When is a threat not a threat?

Answer- When you perceive it as an important opportunity.

In the previous post,  I demonstrated how by overriding our primitive self protective, fear detecting amygdyla brain, and enlisting our higher functioning, highly evolved, human frontal cortex, we can overcome the downward negative elements of stress. I want to further demonstrate this with more examples.

Firstly, let […]

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Understanding stress and the top ways to leverage it to your advantage

Stress. Stress. Stress. We all have it. We all think we have too much of it. We all think we are often controlled by it or resigned that we have to live with it.

There is a lot of misperception when it comes to the subject of stress. I believe that by having clarity on […]

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What are the 3 most important things to do when you get derailed (and you will!) off the path of your goal?

Lets face it. Life is messy. We have discussed entropy and that the natural state of things is towards disorder. The devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey , Irma, Jose and Maria  have topped over 30 billion dollars in damage.. The enormity of time effort and expense to restore order following a natural disaster is […]

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Do you know what made me decide to write this blog today?

Answer. I didn’t have to decide. It was an automatic habit

If you read my previous blog , then would have learned that weighing the pros and cons and making decisions is a higher order conscious brain function.  In contrast, a habit is an action that requires little or no contemplation. You just do it […]

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