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What is the next keystone habit to consider building towards a healthier lifestyle? Answer: Say no to fructose!

So far we have examined the concept of understanding , choosing and developing keystone habits in our lifestyle. Keystone refers to a locking, positively reinforced habit that links, connects and synergistically influences other related habits so that additional healthy routines may follow. A healthy exercise habit directly effects our energy levels, concentration ,mood and […]

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Top 5 strategies to better quality sleep

What’s the first piece that needs to be in place in order to harness more energy?

Proper sleep!  Alongside nutrition, it is your brain and body’s fuel.

The successful path to better sleep hygiene comes from a congruent 3 point approach in mindset, structured environmental framework and habitual routine. This suggested method can be learned and […]

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From Survive to Thrive. Understanding the scarcity mindset and how to shift towards an abundance thrive mentality

Examining fear and the origin of that primal threat detector in the brain is essential for understanding our barriers to achievement. If the most basic innate instinct is for survival, then in order to move past that instinct , one must become more self aware and discerning. It is helpful to recognize that unless […]

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What is the most dangerous phrase you can say to yourself that may threaten your progress towards success?

I’m just taking a break!

Sounds pretty counterintuitive doesn’t it? After all, taking a break is supposed to be a good healthy idea- Right? We work hard, and rest and relaxation are an important necessity to recharge our battery. In posture ergonomics, I routinely recommend that office workers take breaks from their computer […]

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Sleep : 4 top reasons why we dont get enough and understanding how this really could be impacting your life!

The growing concerns about sleep difficulties have been researched extensively in recent times.There are higher reported incidences of sleep apnea , insomnia and restless leg syndrome than before. Some have organic causes, while most are do to the effects of stress and poor lifestyle habits.
Better quality sleep is an essential lifestyle consideration because it […]

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