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The Automaticity Paradox -Is it Friend or Foe? – It can be both. 3 Secrets to solving the riddle

In previous posts, I have discussed the potential power of automaticity.(see blog).To recap and summarize. automaticity refers to the neurological process of forming non cognitive, unconscious, automatic connections that lead to predictable, patterned behavior. This is commonly referred to as a habit. Research shows that 40% of daily routines are automatized. Does that seem […]

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When is the right time go gluten free?

The recent and most popular food flag alert trend of interest these days is gluten. It has now become widespread all over the globe for the past few years. Public awareness has arose and now research has shown that one in five is currently seeking a gluten free low carbohydrate alternative. Patients have approached […]

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How to finally conquer the sugar craving REVEALED

Here is my story of how I gave up refined sugar, lost over 20lbs and steadily improved my health. I have always had a weakness for sweets. Ever since I was a kid, I could not satisfy my craving. My parents attempted to keep it out of the house but there was always the […]

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