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What are the 2 most important strategies to SUSTAIN positive lifestyle change?

Answer: Pace and Balance

As the Posture Doc, the most relevant theme that I have come to understand, treat and educate is the subject of balance. In order to offset the effects on gravity and physical stress on the body, it becomes necessary to isolate regions of body strain and imbalance in order to […]

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How to get your groove back – Top secret lessons revealed to getting started TODAY!

There has been a lot of recent research lately on the subject of habits. Numerous books have been written by some great authors like Charles Durhigg and James Clear extensively demonstrating the potential positive effect on the human condition that habits may hold if they are used to ones advantage.


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Groundhogs day- An early spring? or perhaps a time to evaluate your new years resolutions

Happy belated ground hogs day. Although traditionally this isn’t considered a proper holiday for most to of us to acknowledge, it has always been a significant date in my calendar for many years. While I never had the chance to participate in the festivals held annually in Pennsylvania or in Ontario, I have always […]

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