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Whats the most strategic rule to follow for positive lifestyle change?

Answer- Follow the inspired model cycle.
Everyone wants to make better changes in their life. For most people that may entail improving their health and making a positive impact in their family and community. Deeper fulfillment lies when we find meaning and purpose in our chosen vocation and through cultivating loving relationships while striving […]

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Regaining rhythm- The most important element to recover from injuries and setbacks

I have often wondered about the origins of certain sayings and expressions. I was brought up to be taught that when you” fall off your bike, just get right back on again.” As a child on my first two wheeler, it was a literal expression to be applied to the training practice and […]

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Road to recovery- Rest vs rust vs rhythm. What s the best health strategy?

Over my career I have often been asked what is the best strategy for healing, especially when it comes to recovering from injury. For many, there are a lot of mis-perceptions on the subject of when to rest, when to use ice or heat, when to seek treatment and when to resume physical activities. […]

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