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Dr. Guy Bahar is “The Posture Doc”. He has developed the “Bahar Posture Training Method” for correcting posture with visible, measurable results, used exclusively in his Richmond Hill Clinic. You can reach Dr. Bahar at The Posture Clinic 905-731-7443,

Whos the brains of this operation? You are!

In order to get a deeper understanding of our human behavior and why we invariably make the choices that do in certain circumstances, its essential to examine the human brain. As a chiropractor, one of the first edicts that I learned and have accepted for over 30 years is that the body is self […]

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5 revealed strategies to understanding and effectively gaining self control

Do you remember how sad love songs took on so much more meaning after a breakup? Why was that? You heard the song many times prior with no reaction, but following a heartbreak, the newly realized deeper meaning stimulates such a stronger emotional response. The reason is because the song has become personally relatable […]

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One small step towards improving self discipline and away from complacency- making your bed

Attempting to break away from complacent avoidance habits and imposing self discipline can feel like such an overwhelming lost cause . Especially when you have been set in your ways for years. After all , a leopard can’t change his spots and you cant teach and old dog new tricks right?

However, an old dog […]

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Understanding and beating complacency- The invisible force that stops you from reaching your goals

In our quest to change for the better, it is important to understand the complexities of the human condition. One will not look to improve oneself if the need for change is not realized. When self awareness is low, and a person is unconsciously going through the motions of their life , they often […]

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When is a threat not a threat?

Answer- When you perceive it as an important opportunity.

In the previous post,  I demonstrated how by overriding our primitive self protective, fear detecting amygdyla brain, and enlisting our higher functioning, highly evolved, human frontal cortex, we can overcome the downward negative elements of stress. I want to further demonstrate this with more examples.

Firstly, let […]

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Understanding stress and the top ways to leverage it to your advantage

Stress. Stress. Stress. We all have it. We all think we have too much of it. We all think we are often controlled by it or resigned that we have to live with it.

There is a lot of misperception when it comes to the subject of stress. I believe that by having clarity on […]

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What are the 3 most important things to do when you get derailed (and you will!) off the path of your goal?

Lets face it. Life is messy. We have discussed entropy and that the natural state of things is towards disorder. The devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey , Irma, Jose and Maria  have topped over 30 billion dollars in damage.. The enormity of time effort and expense to restore order following a natural disaster is […]

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Do you know what made me decide to write this blog today?

Answer. I didn’t have to decide. It was an automatic habit

If you read my previous blog , then would have learned that weighing the pros and cons and making decisions is a higher order conscious brain function.  In contrast, a habit is an action that requires little or no contemplation. You just do it […]

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What does stress, gravity, inertia and entropy all have in common with each other?

Answer. They are all opposing , energy depleting, downward forces that hinder your ability to move and grow .

Change is inevitable. Seasons change. There are climate changes both with the weather and the economy. Markets fluctuate and fashion styles and music fads come and go. Technology is advancing at warp speed, while mountains and […]

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3 “KEY” ways to leverage one good habit into many more

What does it mean to leverage your efforts? 

I remember studying levers in school. They were the simple machines structurally designed to amplify an input force to create a much greater output force. This mechanical advantage translates to a more efficient bang for your buck. It also means not working harder, but working smarter.

As a […]

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