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Dr. Guy Bahar is “The Posture Doc”. He has developed the “Bahar Posture Training Method” for correcting posture with visible, measurable results, used exclusively in his Richmond Hill Clinic. You can reach Dr. Bahar at The Posture Clinic 905-731-7443,

The gratitude shift. A habit muscle worth developing today ,tomorrow and everyday. Here are 5 secret health benefits

Its thanksgiving season in the USA again. This usually means 2 events are upon us. Its when we look forward to sitting down to an abundant feast while spending quality family time together. Its a time when we show our gratitude and appreciation for the many blessings we have, while taking time to […]

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Is getting a flu shot this year the right choice for you ?

You know its really fall season when the flu-shot campaign gets underway. All of a sudden there are radio news ads, paid by the government , advising the public that the local clinics are open for business. I decided it was finally time that I shared my perspective on this subject for your […]

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ACTION. It is the most vivid piece of a puzzle. The ones that sticks out of the box scattered amongst all the back round pieces. All pieces may be equally important when putting together the whole puzzle, but actions are what defines us in the world. It is what society judges us by. What […]

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Overcoming mentally limiting barriers – 3 top tools to elevate your mindset

The path to achievement is often paved with roadblocks. Even the most driven and motivated people are derailed from time to time. Life’s missions are never expected to be a direct upward trajectory. So how does one solve the problem of pushing forward and overcoming these barriers when we feel stuck and overwhelmed with […]

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The Multitasking Myth- 3 reasons why it doesnt work (and the secret strategy of what does!)

Life is hectic. In our faced paced, competitive, overstimulated, high stressed lives, it becomes essential to be efficient , productive and focused on the many tasks at hand ,while trying to balance responsibilities towards our health, our family and our relationships. Time is at a premium. Time is finite. We only get 168 hours […]

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The Automaticity Paradox -Is it Friend or Foe? – It can be both. 3 Secrets to solving the riddle

In previous posts, I have discussed the potential power of automaticity.(see blog).To recap and summarize. automaticity refers to the neurological process of forming non cognitive, unconscious, automatic connections that lead to predictable, patterned behavior. This is commonly referred to as a habit. Research shows that 40% of daily routines are automatized. Does that seem […]

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When is the right time go gluten free?

The recent and most popular food flag alert trend of interest these days is gluten. It has now become widespread all over the globe for the past few years. Public awareness has arose and now research has shown that one in five is currently seeking a gluten free low carbohydrate alternative. Patients have approached […]

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How to finally conquer the sugar craving REVEALED

Here is my story of how I gave up refined sugar, lost over 20lbs and steadily improved my health. I have always had a weakness for sweets. Ever since I was a kid, I could not satisfy my craving. My parents attempted to keep it out of the house but there was always the […]

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What is the next keystone habit to consider building towards a healthier lifestyle? Answer: Say no to fructose!

So far we have examined the concept of understanding , choosing and developing keystone habits in our lifestyle. Keystone refers to a locking, positively reinforced habit that links, connects and synergistically influences other related habits so that additional healthy routines may follow. A healthy exercise habit directly effects our energy levels, concentration ,mood and […]

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Top 5 strategies to better quality sleep

What’s the first piece that needs to be in place in order to harness more energy?

Proper sleep!  Alongside nutrition, it is your brain and body’s fuel.

The successful path to better sleep hygiene comes from a congruent 3 point approach in mindset, structured environmental framework and habitual routine. This suggested method can be learned and […]

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