From Survive to Thrive. Understanding the scarcity mindset and how to shift towards an abundance thrive mentality

Examining fear and the origin of that primal threat detector in the brain is essential for understanding our barriers to achievement. If the most basic innate instinct is for survival, then in order to move past that instinct , one must become more self aware and discerning. It is helpful to recognize that unless […]

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What is the most dangerous phrase you can say to yourself that may threaten your progress towards success?

I’m just taking a break!

Sounds pretty counterintuitive doesn’t it? After all, taking a break is supposed to be a good healthy idea- Right? We work hard, and rest and relaxation are an important necessity to recharge our battery. In posture ergonomics, I routinely recommend that office workers take breaks from their computer […]

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Sleep : 4 top reasons why we dont get enough and understanding how this really could be impacting your life!

The growing concerns about sleep difficulties have been researched extensively in recent times.There are higher reported incidences of sleep apnea , insomnia and restless leg syndrome than before. Some have organic causes, while most are do to the effects of stress and poor lifestyle habits.
Better quality sleep is an essential lifestyle consideration because it […]

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Understanding the role of energy and the top way to mentally harness more of it

We have been exploring the idea of a mental outlook shift and expanding our fear based, scarcity mindset towards growth and abundance. After all, the scarcity mindset may serve in the short run to protect ourselves, but it is very limiting in the long run. It keeps us small, in fear mode, and limits […]

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From fear to clear. How do we move past our fears in order to have clarity of our purpose and desires?

We have been discussing the role of fear in our culture and the conflicting effects it has on obtaining our objectives. The primary role it is supposed to serve is to detect actual threats to our existence and warn us to fight, flight or freeze.

How is this achieved?

The primitive center of our brain stimulates […]

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Whos the brains of this operation? You are!

In order to get a deeper understanding of our human behavior and why we invariably make the choices that do in certain circumstances, its essential to examine the human brain. As a chiropractor, one of the first edicts that I learned and have accepted for over 30 years is that the body is self […]

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5 revealed strategies to understanding and effectively gaining self control

Do you remember how sad love songs took on so much more meaning after a breakup? Why was that? You heard the song many times prior with no reaction, but following a heartbreak, the newly realized deeper meaning stimulates such a stronger emotional response. The reason is because the song has become personally relatable […]

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One small step towards improving self discipline and away from complacency- making your bed

Attempting to break away from complacent avoidance habits and imposing self discipline can feel like such an overwhelming lost cause . Especially when you have been set in your ways for years. After all , a leopard can’t change his spots and you cant teach and old dog new tricks right?

However, an old dog […]

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Understanding and beating complacency- The invisible force that stops you from reaching your goals

In our quest to change for the better, it is important to understand the complexities of the human condition. One will not look to improve oneself if the need for change is not realized. When self awareness is low, and a person is unconsciously going through the motions of their life , they often […]

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When is a threat not a threat?

Answer- When you perceive it as an important opportunity.

In the previous post,  I demonstrated how by overriding our primitive self protective, fear detecting amygdyla brain, and enlisting our higher functioning, highly evolved, human frontal cortex, we can overcome the downward negative elements of stress. I want to further demonstrate this with more examples.

Firstly, let […]

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