Stress, Fight or Run and the Adrenal Gland Function

Stress is all around us in various degrees, so what are Adrenal Glands? These are stress glands that are shaped like two almonds that sit above the kidneys Basically, our bodies react to stress in fight or flight method, as a result our systems become exhausted and weak. When our bodies are under stress […]

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Amazing Sinus Draining Technique Video

Dr. Guy Bahar is The Posture Doc., a Chiropractor in Richmond Hill Ontario and Toronto Ontario. Dr. Bahar specializes in correcting poor posture. His unique Posture Training Method corrects poor posture and improves forward head posture. See our amazing New Patient Special and find out what your posture number is today!

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Herbal Remedies to prevent colds and flu (or to shorten sick time if you get sick)

Herbs that naturally boost your immune system are highly effective to prevent colds and flu in both children and adults. We are recommending and selling these herbals this year. We use them in our family with all 6 of our kids and we swear by them!
Astragalus  – Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus) has been used in Traditional Chinese […]

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Immunity and Posture – TV Show Appearance

I recently appeared on Rogers- Daytime TV to talk about how posture affects the immune system. Here's the video – enjoy!

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Immunity Boost

Actively correcting forward head posture may also serve to boost your immunity.
Now that it is flu season, a fully functioning immune system is essential for optimal health.  The immune system is comprised of defensive cells located in our white blood cells that fight off infections and potential disease.  Common factors that affect immunity are […]

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