Kids and Posture

Back Packs for Good Posture

Finding the perfect backpack:
Wearing a backpack that’s too heavy and or poorly adjusted can lead to poor posture, neck pain, headache, mid and/or lower back pain, muscle strain, inflammation and even nerve damage.
Finding a perfect fit:
Ensuring the backpack is proportional to your child’s height and weight should be your top priority. It […]

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Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is becoming a lot more common now.  Defined as pauses or short stops in breathing during sleep, obstructive apnea can pose serious health threats such as increase in blood pressure, heart attacks and even stroke.  It is estimated that 26.8% of the Canadian population either has sleep apnea or is at risk […]

Is your child carrying their backpack the correct way???

Now that the kids are back in school and you’ve made your trip to Home Depot while chanting “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” it’s time to consider a few things. 
How are the kids managing with their text books?
Recent studies have shown, the average backpacks are being loaded with 18.5lbs of […]

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Backpack Safety for kids

Well, the summer is over and the familiar commercials are back on TV advertising "Back to School".
Before you run out to stock up on school supplies, watch this video where I demonstrate how to choose, wear and load a backpack safely.
Let me know if you think the young lady assisting me in this one […]

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