Do you have “Mommy Posture”?

Poor Posture…the lingering gift of pregnancy

Ask any woman who has ever been pregnant about her back and most- without hesitation – will tell you the strain that pregnancy places on the spine. There are obvious reasons for the pain and discomfort that pregnancy brings to the lower back – such as the weight of the growing fetus, as well as hormonal and physical changes that take place during pregnancy. Many women are surprised to find that these special gifts of pregnancy, like those extra pounds, do not disappear as soon as baby arrives on the scene. In fact many women discover that the physical challenges of new motherhood and the demands of carrying, nursing, rocking, burping and lifting their bundle of joy all takes a profound toll on their backs leading to ongoing and regular back pain. It is valuable to look at what happens to the spine before and after pregnancy.


Normal Spine:

The normal curvatures of the spine is shown below:


Spinal Changes During Pregnancy:

Hormonal changes cause relaxation of the ligaments and muscles in preparation for delivery leading to greater instability of the spine, increased curvature of the lower back and, at later stages, a flattening of the normal curvature of the neck as the body tries to counteract the increasing weight of the baby.  Check out this interesting animation from Dr. Oz


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