December- Time for a Year-End Insurance Benefits Audit
Health Insurance Savers – The end of the year is nigh!

Are you one of those careful health insurance benefit savers? You know what I mean. You carefully monitor your care and use as little of your insurance as you can trying to make sure that your coverage takes you all the way to the end of the year? But – have you ever been so careful that you barely made use of your coverage missing out on treatments and products that you need to get and stay healthy?

December is a great time for an Extended Health Benefits Audit. Each year thousands of Ontarians miss out on health services and products for which they are covered simply because they didn’t get around to making use of them. Before the year comes to a close, it is worthwhile to take a look to see what unused coverage you still have. Is there something that you have been putting off that you are still covered for? How about for your spouse or kids? Many people find that they never did get around to having those chiropractic and posture treatments, massages or ordering those orthotics as they expected they would. Others find that they had coverage for things that they didn’t even realize like – compression stockings for leg vein health, acupuncture for pain issues, TENS machine for muscle relaxation and tension relief.

Take a few moments to ensure that you get the health products and services that you need for 2013. Look at your insurance booklet and your 2013 usage. Contact Paris in our office – she will be happy to decipher even the most complicated of insurance language! It’s your health, your coverage and your right to make the best possible use of all that you are entitled to.…..and, you don’t need to wait for January to get your health on track!!

Best wishes for a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!


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