Posture and Gardening

There is an important connection between proper posture and gardening. It will help to prevent gardening injuries and is also the key to obtaining good leverage when lifting soil, planting flowers, raking leaves or weeding. The more you reach, the more you strain. It is a simple rule, but one that may be challenging to avoid. Here are some tips to avoid unnecessary reaching and strain;

  • Align your body directly in front of the object that you are working on. For every inch you lean forward an additional ten kilograms of compressive force is absorbed into your spine. The use of a gardening stool or seat will aid in avoiding unnecessary reaching.
  • When raking or hoeing it would be advisable to have your feet shoulder width apart and to hold the rake at a 45 degree angle. Never allow your body’s center of gravity to extend beyond your front leg.
  • Finally always try to work from the inside of the garden bed outwards to avoid excessive reaching.
  • Always remember to pace yourself. As when performing any exercise, take breaks as necessary.