In case you needed it, here is yet another great reason to improve your posture. A recent study suggests that improving your posture can ease the symptoms of depression and increase energy levels. San Francisco State University Professor of Health Education Erik Peper, Ph.D., found that simply altering body posture to a more upright position can improve mood and energy levels.

“We tend to think the brain and body relationship goes one way. In fact, the passages go both ways,” Peper said. “When you choose to put your body in a different mode, it’s harder to drop into depression. “What we’re saying is that if you start integrating more body movements into your daily life, your energy level stays higher and your quality of life is better,” he continued.

Peper surveyed 110 students in his classes who were instructed to walk down the hallway in a slouched position and then skip down the hallway. A few minutes later, the students were asked to rate their energy levels. For the whole group, slouched walking decreased energy levels while skipping increased energy.


In this study, the researchers simply asked participants to “pretend” to have a slouching posture. It’s interesting to think about what the effect of chronic poor posture is on our moods and energy levels. Likewise, they just asked their participants to “pretend” to have good posture. Imagine what would happen if they were really able to develop a healthy, upright posture that they used in their everyday lives for all of their activities. Your posture is with you and affecting your health, outlook, energy and self esteem as you perform every activity in your day. Whether you are sitting at your computer, behind the wheel or on your bicycle, your posture is affecting and being affected by everything that you do. If this is leading you to feel more depressed, lethargic and lacking in energy, just image what correcting your posture could do for you.


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