Happy belated ground hogs day. Although traditionally this isn’t considered a proper holiday for most to of us to acknowledge, it has always been a significant date in my calendar for many years. While I never had the chance to participate in the festivals held annually in Pennsylvania or in Ontario, I have always been fascinated by the annual forecast predictions made by Punxsutawney Phil and Wiarton Willie.
I am not advocating any credibility to the notion that a groundhog can predict the weather, but I always was followed the results every year. To me, it has become a relevant date because it not only marks the approximate halfway point of winter( I never bought into that 6 more weeks groundhog sees a shadow stuff) but it also is a benchmark time to evaluate if any of the New Years resolutions that we began have remained in place. The first week in February is the most common period for those to drop out of going to the gym and watch more TV and movies. Fortunately, It also is the time when they traditionally air my favorite movie- 1993’s Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray.
Over 25 years later, I still can’t believe how many insightful life lessons and parables can be drawn from this film. To those that haven’t seen it , I wont divulge any spoilers. Suffice to say the story revolves around an arrogant narcissist who’s fate has been forced to spend apparent eternity trapped in the local town of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania reliving the same Feb 2nd date every day with no escape.
This serves as a very poignant metaphor for all of us who feel trapped in the mundane monotonous rhythm of our daily grind. The film brilliantly explores the gamut of emotions our protagonist would experience. It follows his emotional journey (estimated at over 40 years) from freedom, recklessness, manipulative temptations to despair, boredom, futility and hopelessness to eventual acceptance, personal growth and liberation .
If we examine the turning point of the film, it serves as a insightful lesson to the viewer. The main characters life changes when he finally opts for a small mindset shift in attitude. Maybe his fate wasn’t a curse. Maybe it was an opportunity.
The only thing that was fixed was his structural framework. His environment may have never changed. But his attitude, perspective and mindset was always in his control. His actions had limitless potential because he was not bound by time. He could potentially personally grow, learn, practice and become an expert in anything he chose to pursue.
Of course this may only be a movie of fantasy, but its timeless message applies to us all. Though we may be bound by a 24hr, 5 day work week, we still have the opportunity to discern between excelling in interests that matter to us vs defaulting into mindless patterns of robotic unfulfilling, un-challenging , routine,habits. Sure we may, at times, feel the constraints of our environment. We me not be able to choose where we live. We may not be able to choose our current familial circumstances or vocational station.However, once we accept the structural framework that exists today, we can choose how we can apply a productive mental mindset towards growth and understanding. The action steps that follow become conscious efforts towards meaningful goals. It all begins with an open minded mental shift from limitation to possibility.
So take this week to reflect on the resolutions you set for yourself 5 short weeks ago.

  1. Do they still really matter to you?
  2. Have you found yourself falling out of the challenge you swore to conquer and began with such determination?
  3. If it was the right endeavor and you simply haven’t found your groove yet, there is still time to save that resolution.
  4. So stop worrying about the weather. Shadow or no shadow, winter is here for the time being . Accept it and learn to embrace it. Now shift focus to that objective your after.

  5. Please stay tuned for next weeks blog when I reveal the proven method to get your groove back in any environment.

    Whats the biggest change you resolved to make this year and still wish to keep? Please share