Actively correcting forward head posture may also serve to boost your immunity.

Now that it is flu season, a fully functioning immune system is essential for optimal health.  The immune system is comprised of defensive cells located in our white blood cells that fight off infections and potential disease.  Common factors that affect immunity are stress, anxiety, toxins, poor nutrition, and alcohol, so if we already practice good eating habits, refrain from smoking, drinking and take vitamins and Echinacea, what else can we do to prevent colds and flues this season?

Consider the benefits of movement. Studies have shown that certain yoga positions have been linked to stimulate lymphatic drainage.  The lymphatic system is what transfers the white blood cells that contain our immune cells.  The better the flow, the better the immune response.  So if certain postures can stimulate more lymph flow, we can say goodbye to winter colds.

Any inversion pose will direct lymph flow to the respiratory organs.  This is important because it is the most common site that germs and infections enter the body.  So, after a pose such as planking, downward dog or headstand is performed, gravity will drain the lymph fluid once the upright position is returned to normal.

This is what postural training is all about.  Restoring normal spinal alignment, extending the body below heart level to stimulate lymphatic flow and allowing the optimal upright position to maximize cleansing out the system.  For more information, contact the office to see demonstrations of this easy effective routine.