Summer is here and many of us are enjoying as much time as we can get on the golf course.  Golfers at all levels from beginners to professionals can benefit from chiropractic interventions.  One of the most known culprits to why your swing might not be at its best is Forward Head Posture. So what is Forward Head Posture?

The image above shows a mild to moderate Forward Head Posture.  It is estimated that 90% of the population has a posture profile of the head being in front of the shoulders. When the weight of the head is not balanced right over the neck and shoulders, but comes forward, gravity exerts a daily pressure pulling the head further and further downward. Over time, assuming and holding a healthy upright position becomes very difficult.

This posture reduces your range of motion which intern affects your swing.  Bad posture decreases balance and stability, stroke power, as well as stroke accuracy and speed, are highly compromised.  As a golfer with forward head posture attempts to get into an optimal golf stance, he/she may attempt to pull back the shoulders and head, but find it virtually impossible to fully straighten up. The rounding of the shoulders and the head coming forward of the center of gravity shifts the body’s balance. Without that balance and stability, stroke power, as well as stroke accuracy and speed, are highly compromised.

Stand up, slump your head forward and round your shoulders as much as you can while assuming a swing position. Try out your swing and see what you notice. Now straighten up as much as you can; shoulders back, head held high and try your swing again.

Forward Health Posture not only affects your golf game but more importantly can be a very serious health issue:

1st – The head moves forward shifting the center of gravity. For each inch the head shifts forward, 10lbs of force is added to the weight of your head.

2nd – To compensate and restore gravity, the upper body shifts forward

3rd – The hips tilt forward to help retain an upright position and to compensate for the upper body shift

Forward Head Position can be the cause of not only head and neck problems, but also mid-back and lower back issues as well.  The loss of normal curve in the neck from Forward Head Posture places extra pressure on the nerves and can even stretch to spinal cord by as much a 7cm! FHP is linked to ADD, breathing problems, fatigue mood irregularities and a host of other serious health issues.

Correcting posture problems is not as simple as your mother told you. Just standing up straight works for about as long as a weight loss programme based on holding your stomach in. Invest in a posture correction programme at your chiropractor and watch not only for improvements in your golf game, but incredible effects on your health and vitality as well.