Are you reaching your potential?

Health is about more than your body – it’s about how you feel about your life, how you spend your time and how you interact with others.

Affordable Coaching for people who want more in their life:

IF YOU COULD WAVE A REALISTIC MAGIC WAND, WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR LIFE TO BE? Success is about answering that question well. It is about seriously looking at what you want, what you are capable of, and at all of the challenges that have been standing in the way between where you are now and where you want to be.

Challenges typically fall into 5 categories. Clarity, Strategy, Environment, Skills and Psychology. When you address these challenges with a coach, you find yourself, often for the first time, with a really clear understanding of why you haven’t achieved all the things in your life that you know you’re capable of, and how to change that. A coach provides that extra set of eyes and ears and ideas to help you identify, strategize and overcome your challenges to achieve the kind of success that you long for.

5 Most Valuable Outcomes of Coaching:

1.Clarity- get clear about what you want:

What do you want? What does success look like to you? Coaching will help you to clearly define what fulfills you, what you value and what you must be, do & have in order to define yourself as successful.

2.Strategy – Determine a path to get there:

You will learn how to keep your focus, stick with it when the going gets rough, and manage your time effectively to make room in your life for the things that you want. Coaching will help you to not only know what you want, but how to design your life so you get it!

3.Environment: Clean it up to ensure success

Is your life set up for success? Are the people in your life supportive of your goals? You will discover how small aspects of the people, places and things in your life can be leveraged to help you reach your goals.

4.Psychology: Master your fears, self doubts and Poor habits

Recognize the fears, self doubt, poor habits and negative self talk that get in the way of you achieving what you want. Develop the understanding and the skills needed to address and remove those things that stand between you, and the success that you know you’re capable of.

5.Motivation: get and stay motivated

Through coaching, we will develop a system to keep you on track that is based on what motivates you the most. Whether it’s goals and rewards, or having someone to be accountable to, or a combination, you will learn how to get and keep your motivation.
For only $85 per session, your own personal coach is within your reach. I won’t give you advice, teach you hollow positive thinking techniques, or tell you what to do. I will combine & apply my 15 years of business experience, parenting experience, and athletic

experience along with my professional coach training to help you succeed. I have a caring, no-nonsense style that will help you move towards the life that you want and deserve!

I only accept clients that I know will see real results, so if you’re motivated, open & committed to personal & professional improvement, you qualify for a free initial consultation. That is 30 minutes over the phone to determine if I am the right coach for you and you are the right client for me.

Please contact me at or 416-398-9200.