So this month I am celebrating a career milestone! 20 years ago this month I became a licensed and practicing chiropractor! 
As I look back on the many years and the many people that I have been honoured to serve, what really stands out for me is that, like watching our children grow, it is sometimes hard to see small changes in the people that we see each day. The changes are so small on a daily basis, that we don't really appreciate that they are happening until we take a moment out to really look at them, and then we are wowed by what we see!
When I am working with a patient to correct their posture, I work on their spine and posture and they work at home on their strength and flexibility and together we make some significant changes. But, it isn't always easy to see. That's why the 12th visit Progress Check is such an important time for both my patients and for me. Every 12th visit we take that moment out to see and to actually measure how much of a change has taken place in their posture as a result of our efforts. The results are often amazing and today I want to share the amazing results of our Patient of the Month – Maureen. 
Maureen epitomizes the idea of the dedicated patient and her results show what anyone can achieve if they put their mind to making their health a real priority. Maureen never misses a treatment and her dedication to improving her health and her lifestyle have resulted in a 24 point reduction in her posture number!! Maureen doesn't suffer from the back pain or headaches that used to plague her daily before, and what is even more exciting is that she feels a renewed confidence in herself and in her appearance as she has gone from looking tired and under confident to looking younger, more energetic and sure of herself. Maureen is looking forward to beginning her at home strengthening programme, and reducing that posture number by even more. Working with someone like Maureen has been a real privilege and I can think of no better way to celebrate 20 years of what I do than by acknowledging a person as special as Maureen. Congratulations! 

Dr. Guy Bahar is The Posture Doc., a Chiropractor with offices in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Toronto, Ontario and Oakville, Ontario.  Dr. Bahar specializes in correcting poor posture. His unique Posture Training Method corrects poor posture and improves forward head posture. See our amazing New Patient Special and find out what your posture number is today!