It has been quite the spring for allergy sufferers.  With all the increased moisture and overgrowing vegetation we have higher than normal levels of pollen , ragweed and histamine induced reactions to grass. But why do some people suffer from allergic reactions while others have no reaction when exposed to the same allergens? In the case of seasonal allergies, why are some days worse than others. The answer lies with our immune system. It is our well developed immune response to environmental irritants that determines how our bodies react during allergy season. Would it surprise you to know that your posture has an intimate relationship with your immune system?

The strength of our immune response is mediated in the midbrain just above the base of the skull. The spinal nerves in the upper cervical spine directly send immune signals in response to an allergen or chemical irritant. If these signals are disrupted, the immune response is compromised and an allergic reaction is more likely to occur. Research has shown the direct relationship between the position of the atlas( the second vertebra)  and immune function. 


 A person with forward head posture is likely to have a forward tipped atlas. This causes the nerve compression that result in an interfered immune signal. A simple nerve scan combined with a digital photo analysis or x-ray can provide a probable diagnosis that would confirm a relationship between nerve function and allergies. So if you tend to have poor posture or you spend hours slouched over your computer each day and can’t stop sneezing , you might want to consider getting your upper posture checked out!

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