Several studies have demonstrated that assuming a facial expression of happiness by smiling into a mirror for example, causes a shift in the subjects' moods. Recent studies have now looked at the effect that posture has on your mood. It is funny to think that our body's position could have a real impact on how happy or sad or confident or energetic we feel. We can certainly observe how a person who is all slouched over and looking at the floor may appear to be depressed, or fatigued. Meanwhile, one who stands tall and erect conveys an image of confidence, energy and health. So while our posture may convey to others how we are feeling inside, it is hard to imagine that it actually imapacts what we feel. Can posture affect your mood? The answer – surprisingly is – YES! Research investigations have demonstrated that by having subjects assume an upright body position, also known as netural posture or good posture, there is a direct impact on on positive emotional affect and a more positive outlook. Subjects reported


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