Do you have THAT cold/flu thing that’s going around?

All Natural Secret weapon against the common cold…..


It’s that time of year folks! There is no escaping it. Although your chiropractic care, healthy lifestyle and immunity boosting supplements are all helping to keep you healthier than most of the population, sometimes colds and flu will happen.

Most of the time, rest, fluids and Mom’s chicken soup will be enough to get rid of a cold – but if you want to get rid of it faster and find a natural, drug free way to feel better while its around here’s an amazing treatment offered in our clinic.

As the body works to fight off a cold, pressure in the sinus cavities increases causing headache pain, facial pain and even tooth pain.  The two main cavities that we feel the pressure of sinus inflammation are the frontal sinuses and maxillary sinuses. The frontal sinus is located between the eyes just above the nose and the maxillary sinuses are set just under your cheek bones. Often, one will press under the cheek only to be surprised how sensitive and swollen the area is. It can even cause  toothache  when it refers to the gums.

The good news is that there is no need to suffer or to have to ingest endless quantities of sinus medication. There is a simple facial massage/pressure point treatment that works to drain the sinuses. Not only does this allow for immediate relief from the pressure of sinusitis, it also encourages the drainage of mucus that has built up in the sinus cavities. By naturally draining the sinuses, the development of secondary infections, such as a sinus infection, is actively discouraged making recovery that much faster and more comfortable. Check out this video of Dr. Bahar, The Posture Doc performing this technique.  It is a very safe, simple technique that is applied gently for about 5 minutes and can often yield immediate results. So if you are a sinus sufferer be sure to check out our video to see if you are a candidate.

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