Every time I roll my shoulders backward, they create a symphony of clacks and crunches. When I stretch out my arms, I can feel the pull all the way down into my shoulders (which have so many dense, hard knots, I can barely distinguish muscle from cartilage and bone).

At the age of 27, I’ve developed what I lovingly call “old man shoulders”. The first quarter-century of my life, which I spent in front of various computer screens (for work or play), probably didn’t help ward off the problem any. But the past couple of years have seen me transition almost exclusively to working on a laptop, and as the screens get lower and lower, my head has begun to succumb to gravity, stooping further and further forward with each passing year – and, finally, the aches and pains have set in.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), I’m not the only one. Dr. Guy Bahar, a chiropractor who heads up Toronto’s Posture Clinic, has been attacking this problem for years – but adds that technological advances are worsening the issue. “We’ve gone mostly to laptop usage,” he says. “Because laptop (keyboards) are under the screen, they force you to hunch even further.” And now, with the advent of tablets held in the lap, “you’re curling almost like a candy cane just to tap on the monitor.”

To truly resolve posture issues, Bahar says, simply reminding yourself to stand up straight every now and again won’t fix the problem. “Just because you have the voluntary muscular control to move your body upright doesn’t mean you can sustain that for anything more than 30 seconds. It’s not because you’re lazy or unmotivated – if something’s unnatural you’re not going to be able to do it.” He likens it to sucking in your gut to fit into a smaller pair of jeans – you can only do it for so long. “If they functionally cannot hold it for more than a minute, then they gotta change. They gotta figure out what’s causing them to be locked forward.”

If a heavy head is getting you (and your spinal column) down, here are a few basic ways to start defying gravity.
Reference link : www.torontosun.com/2015/04/07/six-easy-ways-to-straighten-out-your-posture