Stretches To Do Before Gardening


Its time to stretch!


So we are ready to get started with our project. The easiest way to avoid neck and back strain is to stretch before you begin. Here are four simple yet effective moves that will only take a few minutes to do. Before beginning, make sure you warm up as stretching a cold body could result in injury.


  1. The first stretch will stretch out your shoulders and upper body. Simply interlock your fingers and raise your arms above your head. Extend your interlocked hands above you. Hold this stretch for a count of ten and go right into the second stretch.


  1. Rather than releasing, now take your interlocked arms and extend them in front of your body, level to your chest. Hold this stretch for ten seconds and then release this will stretch out your lats and shoulders


  1. The third stretch is a very common stretch utilized before beginning exercise. Take your right arm and reach it above your head and then behind your back, as if to scratch your upper back. Your right elbow should be up. Now place your left hand upon your right elbow and gently push it down. Lean to your left side as you do this to intensify the stretch. Hold this stretch for a count of ten and then switch and do the same with your other arm.  This will stretch out your triceps and lats. 
  1. The last stretch will stretch out your upper back. This is especially helpful for gardening, as you will be constantly bent over during gardening. Begin by lacing your fingers and placing them on the back of your head. Now pull your elbows backwards, as if trying to touch a wall behind you with your elbows. Hold this stretch for ten seconds and then release.
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