Summer is here and the gardening begins after a long winter! Many of us enjoy getting outside and doing some gardening work.  This is great way to spend time outdoors and distress from the world outside but it can be physically straining if not done right.  Most people on average spend three hours gardening and doing repetitive motions.  None of us would spend three hours at the gym doing exercise, so you could imagine the strain on our back and muscles.  Here are some helpful hints on gardening without putting too much strain on our bodies.

1)      Plan your gardening make sure to always plant from the back forward so you don’t have to stretch to far

2)      As you would before you start your exercise routine always stretch before gardening to help reduce the aches and pains you might experience the next day

3)      Eliminate the reach and try to use the natural alignment of your body

4)      Sit on a stool or turn a sturdy plant pot over and use it to sit down

5)      Kneeling pads are great to ensure that you are not straining yourself

6)      Always make sure you have all the proper tools to garden such as racks, shovels, and a wheel barrel for those heavy projects

Good luck and happy gardening!