We have been exploring the idea of a mental outlook shift and expanding our fear based, scarcity mindset towards growth and abundance. After all, the scarcity mindset may serve in the short run to protect ourselves, but it is very limiting in the long run. It keeps us small, in fear mode, and limits the opportunities to take risks and try new endeavours that we desire or need.
Consider the concept of energy and the role it plays in our lifestyle. In physics, it is defined as the ability to DO work. In nutrition, a calorie is a unit of energy from a food source used by the body to DO an action. In other words, energy is the FUEL needed to drive the mind and body to ACT.(just like gasoline is to a car) If we enhance the structure our body and mind to be balanced, knowledgeable and efficient, we can leverage more energy to perform more action with less exertion.
This combined reinforcement of elevating positive mindset, balanced organized structure and repeatable action is the essence of synergy. Synergy is defined as the interaction of 2 or more elements(mindset, structure, action) so that the combined effect is greater than the sum of the individual effects. Synergy means aligning and elevating all 3 components (at once or sequentially) which drives energy levels up exponentially. This is the vitalistic volcano model for change and development . The equation looks like this. I part mindset + 1 part structure + 1 part action = much greater than 3 parts energy. No scarcity with that formula!
Lets put the equation to the test with this example.
A woman wants to take up yoga but doesn’t have the energy or inclination to get started. She is aware of the time commitment, the cost and the fact that she is a little out of shape. She experiences some muscular upper back pains, fatigue and has a full work and family schedule. Most of the time she functions in survival mode where she just wants to “get through her day” with no left over energy for other personal activities. Where is this energy supposed to come from?
Lets apply the synergy approach. Its starts incrementally with a small shift in mindset. Instead of resigning to a scarce, dismissive, low energy attitude, the person chooses to become a little curious about yoga. She exposes herself to knew ideas and informative videos on how yoga helps with mental stress reduction, improves flexibility and circulation. This peaks her interest and attention and she reads more about successful transformations with other women who claimed it enormously improved their health. Now she becomes excited about this idea. Her improved attitude pushes her to try it out. She notices how difficult it is at first as she struggles to balance and contort into the yoga poses. Her body structure is limited so she decides to work on improving her posture. She sees a chiropractor , trainer or physical therapist and gains better body control over her movement. She deliberately sets 3 hours a week aside in her schedule for yoga practice. She continues going to more classes, struggling at first, but then gains some momentum and feels the positive effects on her health. This rewards and reinforces her positive attitude to continue with other health related improvements like better sleeping and nutrition habits. The energy levels drastically rise as this upward spiral effect becomes a conditioned neurological behavioral pattern.
Understanding the sources of our energy paves the way for better structural framework of diet, nutrition and exercise. 20% of the food we eat is fuel for the brain. So when you eat, you feed your brain. Most of the brain energy is in the form of glucose which the liver converts it to. Fat is also an essential nutrient for brain function because it coats the nerves with myelin which make nerve signals transmit much faster. Oxygen is the main fuel for muscle contraction. The heart circulates blood to all the muscles and ligaments. Aerobic exercise therefore serves to increase the maximum oxygen levels in the blood so that there is more energy for sustained physical activity. There are no shortage of reserves for energy when we consider how to obtain them through proper nutrition and exercise. We are constantly reminded of the benefits of exercise and healthy eating habits. Now we can have an intentional purpose for considering them-to raise energy levels. Implementing this into a sustainable lifestyle will ensure that a mindset of abundant energy is attainable. Want to know another important component of abundant energy? Its proper quality sleep. This is a full topic that will be explored in the next blog stay tuned.

What example in your life would you like to apply this synergy approach to?

  1. Losing weight
  2. Improving performance at work/ recreational activity
  3. Eliminating pain and restoring balance to your body
  4. Learning/breaking a habit

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