I love good recipes. Some of my favorite recipes manage to always have a certain ingredient common to all of them. It may be a touch of pepper, lemon or butter for example. But the recipe would not be complete without it.
When it comes to improving your hunched posture, the most important secret ingredient to successful change is automaticity. In fact, you will soon discover that it is the most important ingredient in most positive lifestyle transformations. So what is it exactly? and how is it created ?


Automaticity is a technical, neurological term used to describe actions and behaviors that arise from the development of habits. This suggests that these actions occur repeatedly with little or no conscious attention or awareness. It also suggests a level of competency achieved through constant, consistent routine and practice. Lets consider some examples. Riding a bicycle takes months of practice to learn to balance ,pedal ,steer, brake and change gears. Once mastered through years of continuous practice, the skill becomes automatic . The same holds true for all the maneuvers to drive a car. Consider how much focus and concentration was initially required to make left turns, back out of a driveway or merge onto a highway. After years of continuous driving, it becomes possible to execute all these movements with all thoughts and attention focused on something else completely. How often have you driven from home to work and not even recalled the drive over because you were thinking of something important. (Or forgot to stop at the store because you were so used to taking the same route everyday). This phenomena occurs in 40% of our daily routines from brushing our teeth, to showering to putting our socks on. No matter how distracted one gets, or what urgent crisis befalls us, flushing a toilet will always be an automatic behavior that requires no attention or conscious


How does this occur in the brain? Initially when we learn a new skill, task or behavior, we enlist the cognitive neocortex part of the brain, This higher order function processes new information by transmitting and establishing new nerve connections. Conscious awareness focus and concentration are necessary to establish these connections early on and mistakes and fine tuning must occur.. When nerve impulses fired repeatedly, the connections strengthen and competency builds with practice. Eventually , these connections become hardwired and memory of this pattern becomes stored in the hippo-camps and basal ganglia. These are parts of the limbic system which do not require high levels of brain activity to retrieve the learned information. Once mastered, the activity or behavior can be put on auto pilot.
Consider the significance of this process. Imagine how better your life would be if the most important tasks and behaviors were good, productive habits that you did automatically regardless of your mood or energy level or limited time or budget. It is possible! This can be applied to nutrition,weight loss, exercise , work productivity, cleanliness and posture. It can also apply to your mental attitudes, behaviors and relationships. It all revolves around the same principle – PRACTICE
Lets apply this to posture. As stated previously, for good posture to be sustained, it must become automatic. This means that while initial attention and awareness is essential for learning current body position, ultimately deliberate repeated habitual routine is necessary to change the bodies configuration to become automatically upright. This is a training process. It takes time and consistency It takes establishing and facilitating the neural connections in the cerebellum which is responsible for balance, coordination and proprioception.( the ability to know your bodies position in space without seeing it). This will be attainable with daily practice and it only need a few minutes a day. Does this sound like a worthwhile investment to explore ?Stay tuned when I walk through creating a daily posture habit loop that takes less than 3 minutes to perform

If you could have yourself and your children posture corrected and sustained automatically, would it be worth devoting 3 minutes a day? How would this impact your appearance? energy level? pain level? breathing? Please share