Answer. They are all opposing , energy depleting, downward forces that hinder your ability to move and grow .

Change is inevitable. Seasons change. There are climate changes both with the weather and the economy. Markets fluctuate and fashion styles and music fads come and go. Technology is advancing at warp speed, while mountains and buildings erode slowly and steadily over time

The human body has evolved to adapt to our ever changing environment. it is our elaborate innate systems built within that maintains the bodies homeostasis.(balance).

When it comes to making deliberate positive impactful change, the name of the game is sustainability. No quick fixes. No magic bullets. No short cuts. In our high stressed, time pressed overly stimulated and distracted culture, people are always looking for a quick, novel, magic solution that will solve are problems and give us the answer in less than 30 days. Whether its pain relief, weight loss, tighter abs, instant food preparation, debt consolidation or income recovery, we all want solutions that involve having to make the least amount of effort or change.

And there is a reason for that. Despite our evolved capacity for adaptability, and our busy schedules, our most primal primary response as humans is for self protection and self preservation. The bottom line is that most people see sudden or initial change as a threat! Our defense systems respond to perceived threats with a fight-flight-or freeze response. Since most of our modern day threats are not actually life threatening, the common response we have to perceived discomfort is to avoid.(or procrastinate)

This proves to be a major obstacle to overcome when deciding to commit to lasting change. When changes are brief, they are considered fads or phases. When genuinely created , repetitive, thoroughly  practised changes become  automatic habits. When multiple healthy habits are sustained over time , you have impacting lifestyle change. Its all about the duration.

Understanding the opposing elements that drive the process downward is important in order to have the right structural and mindset strategies to push forward and upward with our action endeavours.

Lets start with gravity. It never sleeps. It is a constant perpendicular force that has to be physically overcome in order to maintain balance, build strength and maintain organizational order. The laws of gravity are universal and should be respected and acknowledged as a constant opposing force. It can also be leveraged to our advantage for correcting postural problems, harnessing energy , facilitating movement or for recreational fun.

Gravity is a component of entropy. Entropy is derived from the second law of thermodynamics which states that the natural, random state of the universe is for disorder. With the aid of gravity, it takes less than 10 seconds to mess up and damage a room , but it may take hours of active effort and energy utilization to restore it back to its clean, structurally ordered state. Chaos and destructive disorder are easily attainable feats, but maintaining structural order demands deliberate constant, actionable effort and energy.

Lets move on to inertia. That is defined as a resistive opposing force to initial movement. It must be overcome in order for an object to stay in motion. In practical terms, it is the first hurdle to overcome in the journey or process. Neurologically, because neuron connections have not been yet established in the early stages, the execution of action will be slow , clumsy, and full of errors and mistakes. That is the normal nature of the learning process. Accept it, surrender to it and embrace it. Otherwise, our protective primal instinct for self protection will dominate and you will end up avoiding, procrastinating or quitting at the first sign of inadequacy or embarrassment. This happens at any age and parents who want to raise their children with higher self esteem must create a safe, supporting environment for children to try, practice and make all those mistakes without fear or judgement. Remember, you are supposed to “suck” at the beginning. Results are supposed to be very slow and discouragement and frustration will naturally follow. Understanding and accepting this will bring about patience.
Competency,  confidence and momentum will always build and follow with steady, repetitive practice. That initial struggle and hurdle will have to be met and overcome every time you have to learn something new. Don’t avoid because of it. Its always temporary when you push through it.

The last and largest opposing force is stress. This is such a constant, huge opposing force to positive change and progress that I must devote entire chapters to it to fully understand its role in the process and the tools and strategies to overcome the negative effects of daily stress. For now, just understand that stress is an internal response to an external stimulus. That internal response, is often negative because of a perceived threat (that may or may not be real) and how we respond to that perceived threat is, in most cases, our choice. Stay tuned for more on this.

What is the most challenging opposing force for you in your quest for positive change and impact? is it stress? inertia? entropy? gravity? Please share