ACTION. It is the most vivid piece of a puzzle. The ones that sticks out of the box scattered amongst all the back round pieces. All pieces may be equally important when putting together the whole puzzle, but actions are what defines us in the world. It is what society judges us by. What we DO. We are accountable for our actions , not our thoughts. We may have great ideas and imaginations, but what good are our epiphanies if we don’t put them into action. They become lost in our heads. Study and knowledge is said to be power , but it is in fact only applied knowledge and actionable steps which cause measurable change. Actions require effort. It requires energy. It requires movement. it is the collection of our actions that defines our behavior. It is always a choice.

Whether we choose to be responsible with our actions is always a choice. To be proactive or reactive is a choice. To give way to anger and stress and frustration is within our capacity to choose. Many proverbs have been written about action being the most significant component in change, growth and development. “Actions speak louder than words”.. ” ideas not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied”. ” The shortest answering is doing””trust only movement”.” Do it !, then you will feel motivated to do it” “inspiration doesn’t motivate action, it is the other way around”. Pretty compelling quotes right! Well I don’t know about you but lofty platitudes just don’t cut for me anymore. How does one DO  when you feel overwhelmed or tired or depressed or lazy or stuck?  Action is the simplest concept to see but it is perhaps the hardest to change. How can we do what we don’t feel like doing? Is it lack of willpower? lack of self-discipline? Lack of motivation?self-control? self esteem? fear? (or can it  be a combination of all of the above?). What is the secret to doing what needs to be done despite our proclivity towards procrastination?

A better understanding of the human condition makes it easier to accept why we do the things we do (or avoid doing). From knowledge and understanding, we can learn to apply structural tools that pave the way towards positive action. Constant , consistent action will pave the way towards productive behavioral changes. Put into regular practice, this will lead to positive , sustainable conditioned habits. So where to begin?

 Is it change our actions first? change are mindset first? Change are structural framework and environment first? HOW IS THIS SUCCESSFULLY DONE?

The answer is not by making radical changes in any or all three faces. The answer comes from making incremental, small changes in all three so that they are ALIGNED, IN SYNC, and CONGRUENT with each other.

You cant achieve sustainable meaningful actions if they contradict your mindset ,values or beliefs. If you adopt a philosophy of thought and your structural environment doesn’t support it, it will become very difficult to successfully act on it efficiently or completely.

Now that I have revealed my puzzles framework, I am going to give it some dimension so that it will give you some depth of understanding. That’s why I chose a 3D model of a volcano . With this model , I will show you the interactive connection between the  3 faces and how the forces of stress, gravity , energy and momentum may drive you in the direction of your dreams, goals and desires. Stay tuned

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