Healthy, upright posture creates an image of confidence, youth, vitality, strength and success. You can’t see how you look from the side, so you can’t appreciate how poor posture detracts from your appearance.

When you correct your posture, you not only feel better, you look better, too. When our patients’ postures improve, they’re regularly told how great they look, and asked if they’ve had plastic surgery or lost weight. From stronger-looking shoulders and backs, to lifted breasts and buttocks, improving posture has a huge impact on how you look.

“I didn’t realize how much my posture was affecting my appearance. I had always hated to see myself in videos and family pictures but I never realized why. ….. Correcting my posture has been my beauty secret. People keep asking me how I lost the weight. When I tell them I haven’t lost a pound, they don’t believe me.”


“Before coming to see Dr. Bahar I was experiencing neck & back pain. I couldn’t exercise or do other things that I liked to do because I was always in pain. Now, my posture is better, and I’m living the pain-free dream!! Thank-you Dr. Bahar” G.K.”
Poor posture causes many of the common pain problems we think have to live with. Headaches, neck pain, tension across the top of the shoulders, upper back pain and even jaw pain can all be caused by poor posture. When your posture is corrected, pain you’ve suffered with for years disappears, leaving you pain-free and ready to tackle new challenges.


Poor posture robs you of precious energy from holding your body in an unhealthy, awkward position. Your muscles are forced to battle gravity instead of propelling you in the activities you enjoy. In addition, involuntary muscle contraction caused by poor posture occurs all night long, preventing the restorative benefits of rest.

One of the greatest benefits of posture correction is increased energy. With healthy posture, getting older doesn’t have to mean slowing down.

“To me the greatest gift of health is having more energy in my life. Since seeing Dr. Bahar, I feel like I can get through my day in a better mood and have energy left for my kids when I get home.” L.K.”


“When I First started to see Dr. Bahar, I hadn’t slept through the night in years. I didn’t know why I was always waking up and I didn’t know that it had anything to do with my posture. As soon as my posture improved so did my sleep!!” J.J.”
One of the first benefits of posture correction patients enjoy is improved sleep. Poor posture causes neck, shoulder and back muscles to contract involuntarily. Sustained contraction throughout the night disrupts the quality and quantity of sleep. Instead of recharging your muscles with restorative rest and oxygenation, poor posture means muscles work even when you’re asleep. When posture starts to be corrected, involuntary muscle contraction stops, and sleep becomes deeper and more restful.


Poor posture robs your body of oxygen, by reducing the amount of air your lungs can draw in. People with Forward Head Posture have a 30% reduction in the amount of oxygen they take in. Correcting your posture helps you to breathe better. This is a great help for people suffering from breathing difficulties such as asthma and sleep apnea.
“I had no idea that my VERY poor posture was affecting my breathing. Now that my posture has improved I notice that I can take a deeper breath and I don’t seem to get winded as quickly going up the stairs at work.” C.J.


Believe it or not, your posture has a huge impact on your emotional state. The looking-down, slumped-shoulders, rounded-back posture associated with Forward Head Posture mimics the posture people assume when they’re sad or dejected.

Research has shown that simply putting the body in this position can produce those feelings in a person who is otherwise content. Imagine the impact chronic poor posture has on your mood. When your posture is corrected, you’ll find a more positive outlook shows up as well.